Deep Division is a DJ collective which consists of friends with a common interest in house music. They all found their origin in the Amsterdam dance scene in the mid eighties, when housemusic just reached the coast of Europe. The houseparties in that time were mostly held at illegal undergound locations in the former east docks of Amsterdam nowadays rebuild as IJburg. These locations are mentioned in the line "down the east there's a warehouse session" in the song "Just keep Rockin" from Double Trouble & Rebel MC.

Important spots that helped housemusic to become what it is nowadays in Amsterdam were planet-E, studio Luna, Multigroove Elementenstraat, de Wielingen & Subtopia. Important organizations were Beat club with frontman DJ Per, SOHO connection with paul Jay, Mushroom with DJ Spider Willem and not to forget the first dutch live house act "Fierce ruling Diva" with Jeroen Flamman & Abraxas. Later on the house scene moved to the clubs as Roxy, Mazzo, IT, club Eve, de Waakzaamheid(Koog a/d Zaan), Stalker(Haarlem), Parkzicht(Rotterdam), cafe d'Anvers(Antwerp) & Bocaccio(Gent) last two clubs both located in Belgium.

Where at the early houseparties the DJ was spinnin various styles of electronic music mixed together, at that time a shift in the houseparty scene became visible. Or you went to mellow parties or to hardcore parties.So finally the members of Deep Division who are grown up and were always busy with various musical styles, found themselves behind the DJ Booth. Always full of passion, searching and looking for the proper vibe by making the dancecrowd more important than themselves and by letting the partycrowd determine the musical story of that night.

The main goals of the Deep Division mission is to let the walls come tumbling down risen by the fragmentation of the dancescene nowadays and to bring Peace, Love & Respect to the people through music, but not only to the people but also to society. This we achieve by the Friend4Friends celebrations with members of Deep Division behind the decks (both records and computer), giving donations to charity & funds and trying to preserve and giving on the original oldschool housefeeling to future generations So they can experience how it feels to be "the Children of the Revolution". This is what makes a difference according to the Deep Division vision along with music styles, ranges from Deep House to Progressive, Minimal, Techno to Trance. Deep Division from dusk till dawn.